Ingredient: red pepper


Stuffed Mushrooms

This is a very delicious and rich side dish/appetizer for dinner and cocktail parties. The last three ingredients in the recipe is for the salad on which the stuffed mushrooms have been placed. You...


Stuffed Puff Pastry

A recipe for a quick snack or party food. Stuffed Puff Pastry Print Recipe CourseAppetizers, Breakfast, Brunch, Side dish CuisineInternational Servings Prep Time 10 puff pastries 30 minutes Cook Time Passive Time 20 minutes...


Creamy Feta Cheese Spread

This is a fresh side dish for main meals (lunch or dinner) and a good idea for a brunch. Creamy Feta Cheese Spread Print Recipe CourseBrunch, Dinner, Lunch CuisineGreek Servings Prep Time 6 people...

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