Ingredient: oregano


Greek Salad

The traditional Greek salad has many variations across Greece and elsewhere. The tomato smell and the quality of the olive oil are the secrets of success. Greek Salad Print Recipe CourseAppetizers, Brunch, Dinner, Lunch,...


Penne Alla Primavera

This is a nice pasta dish with vegetables. You may of course try other vegetables you like (e.g. add some broccoli) or skip one if you do not have it when you start cooking....


Roasted Mackerel

This is a quick fish dish for one or two persons. Mackerel is very rich in terms of omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins, tasty and usually not expensive to buy. Roasted Mackerel Print...


Chrysa’s Pork Tenderloin

An interesting and very tasty recipe by Chrysa. Chrysa’s Pork Tenderloin Print Recipe CourseAppetizers, Dinner, Lunch, Main Dish, Side dish CuisineInternational Servings Prep Time 2 people 15 minutes Cook Time Passive Time 20-30 minutes...


Spaghetti with beef and tomato sauce

A rich recipe for lunch or dinner. Spaghetti with beef and tomato sauce Print Recipe CourseDinner, Lunch, Main Dish CuisineGreek, Italian Servings Prep Time 2 people 5 minutes Cook Time Passive Time 1 hour...


Shrimps saganaki

This is a fresh, yet filling dish for any time of the year. You can spice it up with some chili pepper. Shrimps saganaki Print Recipe CourseDinner, Lunch CuisineGreek Servings Prep Time 2 prople...



This is a traditional cretan salad that can also be served as side dish or main dish for someone who wishes to eat light, especially during a hot summer day. Ntakos Print Recipe CourseBrunch,...

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