Ingredient: ground pepper


Spaghetti with beef and tomato sauce

A rich recipe for lunch or dinner. Spaghetti with beef and tomato sauce Print Recipe CourseDinner, Lunch, Main Dish CuisineGreek, Italian Servings Prep Time 2 people 5 minutes Cook Time Passive Time 1 hour...


Pan fried courgette flowers

A fresh, spring/summer recipe for a starter or snack. Pan fried courgette flowers Print Recipe CourseAppetizers, Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Lunch, Side dish CuisineInternational Servings Prep Time 2 people 10 minutes Cook Time Passive Time...


Fried Eggs (Avga Matia)

This is a simple and very common way to cook eggs. Fried eggs are mainly served for breakfast or a snack. In some countries, such as Luxembourg, they can be placed on top of...

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