Fried Eggs (Avga Matia)

This is a simple and very common way to cook eggs. Fried eggs are mainly served for breakfast or a snack. In some countries, such as Luxembourg, they can be placed on top of a salad, burger or other main dish. In Greece, are served with feta cheese and some bread to allow dipping in the egg’s yolk.

Fried Eggs (Avga Matia)

Prep Time 2 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 7 mins
Course Breakfast
Cuisine International
Servings 1 person


  • 2 eggs bio / organic or free range
  • 40 ml olive oil
  • sea salt
  • ground pepper


  • Choose two medium or large size eggs, preferably bio / organic and even better from free range chicken.
  • In a non-stick frying pan add the olive oil in medium heat and let it warm. Break the eggs carefully, hitting the first with the second gently to crack and the second by hitting it gently with a fork or knife. Be careful not to drop the egg's shell in the frying pan.
  • Add some salt and ground black pepper and let the eggs fry making sure that the yolk remains liquid. A lightly cooked yolk is more healthy that uncooked or fully cooked (hard) yolk, please refer to the relevant literature.
  • Place the eggs with the olive oil in a plate and serve. The low frying heat ensures that the olive oil and the eggs will not burn, thus, maximizing the nutritional benefit. Although high in calories, this is a healthy dish. Refer to the literature about the benefits of eggs and olive oil to human health. Enjoy!

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